Creative Worship


Prayer and worship are two strands of the same rope: Intertwined with the third strand that is God. There are several small get-togethers (called Care groups at CSBC) of active CSBC attenders that pray together weekly. And periodically there will be dedicated meetings, just for the purpose of praying and interceding with God together.


Our musical skills include organ, piano, drums, keyboard, flute, clarinet, guitar, bass, and (thank goodness) human voice.  Lately it’s been really cool to see our teenagers developing their musical abilities publicly. We’re looking for that to continue.

However, for a church this size, we’re actually quite shy of gifted musicians, and would dearly love to ‘find’ more. If music is your creative streak of choice, pul-eeze come play your instrument with us!


CSBC has a modern sound desk, speakers, and digital projection unit, which give our meetings a modern high-tech feel. Once again though, we could do with a few more willing hands. Do you have an inner geek, as yet undiscovered? (Or quite discovered, but with no Geek Energy outlet.)  Hey, the best musicians, sound and video equipment in the world (none of which we have, but that’s beside the point) are useless without someone to drive them. If you have any leanings in this direction, even if it’s just curiosity, we can meet that with Opportunity.


Don’t be surprised if a little person or alien speaks up during the service.

Our lively puppet team is made up of ‘young’ people over the age of 11. Using Muppet-style puppets we share songs and stories with all ages.

Drama, flag-waving

We have a small but growing number of drama and flag-waving talents, and are still experimenting with these tools.