As a church we are on somewhat of a Worship Journey! As a fellowship we are quite diverse in our experiences and expectations when it comes to gathering together to worship. 

This is reflected in our expressions of worship. Rather that try and encompass all styles of worship each time we meet, we are seeking to embrace our differences over two very different morning Services.

We have a very talented and diverse Worship team ranging from Brass instruments and Church Organ to state of the art Synthesizers and electric guitars.


What’s the point, anyway?

Richard Wurmbrand was a Lutheran pastor in Romania during the Cold War era. (And spent 14 years in communist prisons for the privilege.) He was once asked by a skeptic, ‘Why does God demand we praise him? Why does he need it?’

Wurmbrand replied, ‘He doesn’t need it. It is we who have need to praise him.’

Worship of God should be a way of life. You are never more fully human than when you abandon yourself to seek out fully the face of the one true God. It is, put simply, to become preoccupied with God rather than yourself.

It is the one powerful painkiller that has only positive side effects, and no risk of overdose. Your pain and problems may not disappear, but you will find deeper meaning and purpose in your life, and greater strength to cope.