What are we all about?

Chipping Sodbury Baptist Church exists for a purpose, we believe we have mission to accomplish!

We don’t just come to church on a Sunday morning for a ‘jolly’, to all get together and sing a few songs, or to simply ‘do our duty’ to keep God happy, enjoy each others company (which we do), then have a nice cup tea and then off we go for another week to simply get on with life. We come to church to be equipped by GOD to go about His business!
His business is our mission!

As a church our vision is

‘to know God and be the people of God in our community, sharing His love with all.’

mock-up-logo-try-1-new-logo It’s written on everything you see that is connected to our church. It’s on the notices we hand out each week, on this website and burned in our hearts!

This statement DEFINES why we exist & what we do……
We exist to share the HEART of GOD with the people this town and beyond. All of our time, energy and resources go into completing this mission.


What kind of community does God want us to become?
– a worshiping community, which honours God in all we do
– a praying community – seeking to know God’s heart, interceding for one another and the world.
– a missional community where mission is the agenda, not just an item on the agenda
– an inclusive community – which welcomes all
– a pastoral community – which helps hurting people to wholeness
– a disciple-making community – which equips people to serve and follow Jesus in the whole of life
– a prophetic community – which hears from God and speaks out God’s word
– a sacrificial community – which shares generously with others