Care Groups

Hi there and thanks for showing an interest in our Care Groups! We as a church value our care groups and believe they are a vital and integral part of our  fellowship. As the church grows and continues to expand it can be difficult to meet people and make friends.
That’s where care groups step in! In any of these groups you can really get to know  people, be pastorally cared for, study God’s Word, receive prayer and pray for people, be  encouraged and be an encourager! We have a variety of groups that meet in peoples homes at different times throughout the week.
Our care group leaders are all Godly people who have been called by Christ to love, pray for and support the people who attend their groups. Please read the information enclosed, pray and feel free to speak with the different group leaders after a service, or you can speak to me anytime on 01454 880138 or contact the Church Office.
You are welcome to attend any of the groups before committing yourself to one. The leaders are happy for you to ‘come and see’ and will offer you a warm welcome whether it’s for one evening or on a more permanent basis.
For more information please contact Sue Pearce


Presently we have Care groups meeting on

Monday Evenings

Tuesday Mornings & Afternoons

Wednesday Mornings

Thursday Mornings & Evenings