The Grow strategy covers all aspects of the church’s life for those who want to be fully committed to Christ and hopefully be part of God’s plan in Chipping Sodbury.

Small Groups

During the week, there are a number of small groups meeting in various homes scattered around the local area. Times, days and age ranges vary from group to group, so its quite easy to find a group that will fit your busy life!  Each group is unique in makeup and format but all groups share one goal to grow in God through: Meeting to chat, praying, crying, laughing, studying the Bible, and seeking God together.  They are the place where deep friendships are forged and renewed, lives kept afloat (and sometimes changed).  Even if Sunday Morning Church is not your thing (and even if it is), a small group pow-wow once a week is inevitably time well spent.

If you would like to know more please contact the Church Office:

‘Table Talk’

Bible Reading Notes

In the lobby of the church building is a stand containing several pieces of literature, all aimed at helping you read and understand the Bible.  You can subscribe for a trial period, and if you find the notes useful, you can opt for a paid, longer-term subscription.