Any community of people has elements that are strong, healthy, and self-sufficient.

Any community of people also has elements that are not so fortunate. People for whom day-to-day life is a major effort. Grief, illness, depression, apathy, chronic pain, low energy level, loneliness . . . (It’s interesting that Mother Theresa considered loneliness, not poverty, to be the greatest scourge of humanity.) For some people, simply getting up in the morning and facing the world is their greatest achievement of the day.

We are a community of people who value Jesus above all else. And that includes the Jesus in us that is hurting. We try to care for these needs in many ways, which at the moment include:

  • Tea and coffee (and the occasional dose of sugar and cholesterol) after Sunday morning services. This has well-known effect of lubricating jaw joints and loosening tongue muscles. (Bet you the British Medical Journal has something on it.) It’s amazing how 20 minutes of vigorous gum-flapping can put a spring back in your step. I wonder if they’ve refilled the teapot yet . . . ?
  • Telephone calls to see if you are OK. (Or not. And if it’s not, what’s the problem and can we help?)

  • Home visits for those who are unwell or just plain down.

  • Communion for those who are too infirm to get out to church regularly, but would still value it.

  • Flowers delivered to the same.

  • A Prayer Corner after the conclusion of worship services, manned by members of our prayer ministry team, with whom you can pray over any pressing concern.

  • Support groups, where people who have suffered a particular common experience can meet and encourage each other. (It’s amazing how the solution to your own pain can appear when you encourage someone else experiencing the same.) These have included:

    • Single people

    • A Carers Group (for folk who care for someone with a disability or long term illness)

  • Mid-week small groups, which meet to encourage, pray, chat, read/study the bible, and occasionally eat/drink!

  • Various hobby groups

  • Walks. (Excuse me?) Oh yes, walks. We have a number of walking/hiking enthusiasts, who’ve learned that exercise is wonderfully therapeutic (provided your age and body give you licence).

Finally, any community of people also has needs which are not yet being met. Sometimes it’s because we haven’t the resources to do so. Often though, it’s because none of us know. If you are aware of an unmet need within the community, please email us, or speak to a Pastoral Team member.