The History of CSBC

Our history is important to us as a pointer to our future

The history of Chipping Sodbury Baptist Church can be traced back to 1656, when we know there was a pastor of a group of Christian dissenters who formed one of the earliest Baptist churches.

This outlawed church survived the persecution that followed until such churches were tolerated.  One of the relatives of the Pilgrim Fathers is buried in our graveyard, bearing testimony to the strong influence of the Puritans in our heritage. 

Until 1965 the church met in one of the older buildings, which dates to around 1700. It is located in Hounds Road and is now known as the Church Centre. The Church services were then moved to what is now known as the Church Hall, which is the building you can see from the High Street. Since the 1970’s the church has grown from 70 to 240 members and, in the process, the building in which we currently worship was erected in 1990.

Over the decades we have started a number of new churches in the surrounding area and we are continuing to do this.  The most recent being Jacob’s Well in Yate which was started in 2005.
The strong Biblical emphasis drew people from a variety of Christian traditions who moved into the town, as well as those who became new Christians. Excellent children’s and young people’s groups were established, enabling the church to provide for the whole family.
While our core beliefs have remained the same, our approach to worship and meeting the spiritual needs of the community has changed to reflect the different expectations and attitudes of people in today’s society.
This has also been reflected in our most recent building project where we had added an attractive and modern styled front entrance and linked out two existing buildings together, with the addition of a first floor, into one attractive and multi-use community building.
new front